Instagram Now Requires Age Verification and Will Block Sensitive Material for Minors

Instagram will begin asking users for their birthday information from now on. These prompts can be ignored at first, but the social media giant appears to be making it mandatory to use the app in the future.

These prompts aim to figure out how old everyone on Instagram is so that content that isn’t appropriate for young people doesn’t end up on their page. The social media giant claims that this data is required for new capabilities the company is developing to protect children and teenagers.

Instagram has announced that when users open the app, they will begin asking for their birthday. This is solely for people who haven’t already provided their date of birth information. Instagram will display a notification at the top of these users’ feeds a few times, and if they haven’t been provided with birthday information by a specific point, they will be required to share it in order to continue using the app.

If users notice warning screens on their postings, Instagram will prompt them for their birthday before revealing the post. Previously, viewers could simply click the ‘See Video’ or ‘See Image’ button at the bottom of the warning to view the hidden material.

All users who haven’t revealed their birthday in the past will now get a ‘Confirm Your Age’ button instead. These screens aren’t brand new, Instagram uses them on postings that are potentially sensitive or graphic. This new workaround aims to restrict access to specific types of content based on the user’s age.

How will Instagram Confirm the Right Age?

Instagram is also working on a feature that will allow it to estimate a person’s age using artificial intelligence and indicators such as “Happy Birthday” posts. This new approach will identify users who have entered an incorrect birthdate and provide them with opportunities to verify their correct age.

Instagram has added new features that put new accounts created by persons under the age of 16 in a secret mode by default, as well as preventing adults from sending messages to people under the age of 18 who don’t follow them.

Precautions are being implemented with the goal of making Instagram a safer place for children. Instagram is attempting to deliver the appropriate experiences for the appropriate age group while also blocking some types of content from young people.

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