The Sopranos is back: ‘Many Saints of Newark’ trailer reveals Michael Gandolfini as Tony Soprano

The Sopranos is back and the Tony Soprano is alive again. HBO Max released the official trailer for the Many Saints of Newark.

On Tuesday after several delays and erroneous starts, Warner Bros. and HBO released the long-awaited trailer for Tony Soprano’s origin story “Many Saints of Newark“. The film is the prequel to the highly acclaimed television series “The Sopranos” and is the prequel to the first character since the show ended 14 years ago.

Actor Michael Gandolfini leads the cast starring Jon Bernthal, Ray Liotta, and Vera Farmiga in the film. The 22-year-old Gandolfini, 22, was born in the same year that The Sopranos Sorrowful Mafia debuted, and his high-father James Gandolfini played the first role of the Mafia for six seasons in eight years. He played the role of boss Tony Soprano.

But many saints of Newark do not continue the story beyond where James Gandorufini left it. Instead, writer and producer David Chase (who created Sopranos) takes audiences to New Jersey in the 1960s during the Newark Riots, about 40 years before the show event.

The trailer approaches the incident at the time of the death of 26 people and more than 700 injuries. Interactions with Tony Soprano’s mother (played by Huami) and other members of his family are a mix of looted shops, gunfights, and US National Guard units patrolling the weary streets.

Many of Newark’s saints were Michael Gandolphini’s film debuts but were postponed multiple times due to the COVID19 epidemic. Tom Holland’s role in Cherry has been in that position since its launch in February 2021.

Release Date

“The Many Saints of Newark”, directed by Emmy Award-winning director Alan Taylor (2013′ Thor: The Dark World), premieres in theaters on October 1 (31 days after theatrical release, streaming on HBO Max).


Leslie Odom Jr. (Harold Makubureia)
John Bansaru (Johnny Soprano),
Corey Stoll (Jr. Soprano),
Billy Magnusson (Polly “Walnut” Gartieri),
John Margar ( Silvio Dante),
Italian actress Micerade Rossi

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