In 2035, the size of the world 5G market will be 1.2 million crores of dollars

5G Network

South Korea has said that this week the 5th generation mobile network will be launched, this is not the first time. Rather, two US telecom companies, AT&T and Verizon, announced the launch of 5th Generation Network on December 18 last year. However, the work of establishing this network is still going on in the country.

US Airways will invest $ 27.5 billion to build such a broadcast system and necessary infrastructure. Others are not behind the competition. Because, the US 5G market size is too big.

The market that will control, will be in his own hands in 2035, the world’s largest 5th generation mobile network business leader of 1.2 billion 30 thousand crore.

This year, a website of the World’s top financial information expert, IHS Markit, said this information. In a report titled “5G Race Is On” on the 5th generation mobile network business and its future, Markit said.

However, not only in connection with network connectivity or expanding, but also in the production of equipment and services of its equipment, the value of the services is 12 trillion.

So South Korea’s government’s first 5th tech network has strongly protested about the establishment of a network of US businesses. They also criticized Reuters for publishing this news. But Reuters said in a statement that they published the news published on 100 percent surety.

However, AT&T and Verizon did not accept the position of Reuters. A spokesman for AT&T Telecom Ink said, “Being the first to run in technology is the most important part of our business. This is a matter of respect and business interest for us. We want to get this recognition.”

“The spokesman also said, investing $ 1.3 billion in the last five years in establishing 5G network. Because the coverage of this technology will be bigger and stronger. It will be used in the upcoming urbanization, transport and unlimited royalty in everything. The 5G network works more than 20 times faster than the 4th generation. As a result, the expansion of this technology is going to begin a new era in communication.”

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