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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 could be Samsung’s next foldable telephone, however its dispatch probably isn’t inescapable – the Galaxy S21 dispatch on January 14 didn’t carry with it any foldable, and Samsung will probably need its new leads to have some time at the center of attention before its next bowing gadget goes along. 

It’s been more than a year since we saw the dispatch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, however, so it probably won’t be excessively well before the replacement comes. That was the organization’s first ‘clamshell’ style collapsing gadget, and this is set to be the second. 

So for what reason doesn’t this article concern the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2? Indeed, we’ve heard it won’t be called that, and we’ll clarify more in a segment beneath. 

What, at that point, do we think about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3? Very little at this moment, however that could change soon – the first Galaxy Z Flip dispatched in February 2020, so the Z Flip 3 could be inescapable, albeit numerous sources recommend something else. 

Before the fabulous Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 uncover, we’ve recorded all that we think about it underneath, remembering subtleties for its confounding name.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 release date and price

As expressed in the prologue to this article, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 could land soon, since it’s currently longer than a year since the principal model was dispatched. 

Obviously, that probably won’t wind up being correct, and we could see a dispatch later in the year. A lot of bits of gossip propose ‘late 2021’ is the point at which we ought to anticipate the Flip replacement. Most as of late (as of early February) we’ve heard that it probably won’t land for a very long time – which means in or around July. 

We’ve presently heard that from another source also, which proposed both the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the following Galaxy Z Flip would land together at some stage during July 2021.

Worryingly there’s no notice of it at all in a spilled Samsung dispatch guide, which approaches late August, however the guide looks inadequate. We’d expect it would land by at that point, particularly with the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 likely dropped – leaving Samsung with less very good quality telephones this year than typical. 

We’ve additionally heard that it may run another variant of Samsung’s One UI however, which likely wouldn’t land until the second 50% of the year, so don’t expect the telephone soon. 

Concerning, we’ll probably see a comparable expense to the first Galaxy Z Flip, which sold for $1,380/£1,300/AU$1,800. Ideally the organization has worked out certain approaches to bring down the expense however, on the grounds that that is a gigantic sum for a cell phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 or Z Flip 2?

Naturally, you’d expect the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip would be the Galaxy Z Flip 2… right?

In practice that might not be right, as we’ve heard the next phone could be the Galaxy Z Flip 3. This comes from Dutch website GalaxyClub, which has a mixed record on providing accurate information.

It seems the reasoning for the naming change is because the 5G equivalent of the Galaxy Z Flip was technically the ‘Flip 2’, so this new version is the ‘Flip 3’. 

In addition, GalaxyClub states the company is doing it to bring the Flip line on par with the numbers of the Fold line, with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 the next release there. 

More recently, LetsGoDigital has echoed these claims, saying that it’s heard from “several reliable sources” that the phone will be called the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

That said, sometimes many pre-launch rumors and leaks say the same thing and we take it for granted, until the launch comes and proves us wrong. It’s very possible this will happen with the new Galaxy Z Flip model (as indeed it did with the Samsung Galaxy S21, which many people thought would be the Galaxy S30). 

What do we expect?

  • More onboard Storage
  • Easier one-handed use
  • Better cameras
  • Better multi-screen capabilities
  • Longer battery life

We’ll have to wait until the next foldable phone comes out to know for sure.

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