Wi-Charge | Long Range Wireless Power Transmission Technology


Competitive wireless charging solutions have been approved by the FCC, especially with power-packed ‘watts systems, many work only at smaller distances. For example, QC chargers require physical interaction, and Watches’ small and medium system works up to 3 feet from the distance of 10 centimeters. A long distance solution, with a “fur field” watts, which works across the room, is in the works.


Wi-Charge is promising to use infrared transmitters to deliver power at 10-meter distances.
From its September 12 to 14, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, its Mobile World Congress America Booth Wi-Charge will show its system, with the example of how modern smartphones and sensors of upcoming Internet networks can charge wirelessly. The company is looking for additional partners to get Wi-Charge devices in the market.

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