Facebook Messenger reached 5 billion installs on the Play Store- the third non-google app to achieve that milestone.

With the prevalence of Android, a lot of applications have figured out how to get over the one billion introduced edge on the Play Store. It’s significantly more particular in the five billion or more clubs, which just two non-Google applications have at any point prevailing with regards to joining. You can at last knock that tally up to three, as Facebook Messenger accomplished another achievement for installs only this week. 

This event denotes the fourteenth application to hit the five billion blemish on Google Play, joining any semblance of YouTube, Google Maps, and Gmail. It additionally proceeds with Facebook’s streak as the lone organization other than Google to have an application accomplish this measure of installs. Messenger is the third application from the informal organization to arrive at this level, following the Facebook application in 2019 and WhatsApp in mid 2020.

Regardless of no modest number of debates, this marker shows exactly how much individuals depend on Facebook for correspondence. The organization has been attempting to support its visiting realm, fabricating a cross-stage backend to ultimately permit every one of the three of its informing applications to cooperate. There’s still a lot of work to be done, however, particularly on the security front. Messenger presently can’t seem to carry out start to finish encryption, and it’ll be some time before that changes. Indeed, even as clients become more centered around protection, this achievement fills in as an update that applications like Signal and Telegram have far to go before either approach anything taking after Messenger’s notoriety. 

You can download the most recent addition of Messenger from google play store here.

For iOS download from Apple App Store here

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