Finch – Tom Hanks, an android and a dog

The trailer for Apple TV+’s upcoming original film “Finch,” starring Tom Hanks, has been released. This is the story of Tom Hanks’ ‘Finch,’ who is the only person left alive in the world after the zombies have destroyed everything.

The sci-fi thriller is set after a solar flare decimated Earth’s ecosystem. The engineer, Finch, has been living in an underground bunker for a decade in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Finch builds a robot to look after the dog because he fears he will die soon. Finch creates Jeff, a robot companion with whom he sets out to beat a deadly storm and reach safety, in this subterranean lab. Extreme weather, scorching heat, UV radiation, and other perils await them on their journey. The trio sets out to look for a new home that is more secure.

The film’s working title was ‘BIOS,’ and Universal had planned to release it theatrically last year. BIOS, on the other hand, was canceled due to the outbreak of a movie theater pandemic. It was sold to Apple earlier this year after a number of delays and will now be available as an original streaming title on the Apple TV.

Finch Trailer

After last year’s acquiring of Greyhound from Sony, Finch is the second Tom Hanks-starring film to debut on the service.

Even though Ted Lasso won a record number of Emmy nominations for a first-season comedy. But Apple’s original war film Greyhound, starring Tom Hanks and originally intended for a theatrical release, was a huge hit for Apple TV+ last year. Greyhound, before Ted Lasso took over, is thought to have been Apple’s most popular game, spending months at the top of the TV App’s Trending charts.

With Finch, Apple is hoping for a repeat audience and some Oscar nominations. Swan Song, a sci-fi adventure film, and The Tragedy of Macbeth are two more Apple TV+ originals premiering in the fall.

Finch will debut on the streaming service on November 5.

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