Delete the Last 15 Minutes of Your Google Search History on iOS

As part of an endless effort to convince users that their personal information is paramount, Google has released a quick auto-delete control that scrubs the last 15 minutes of mobile search history. This feature first arrived on iOS devices and will be available as an option on Android devices later this year.

The 15-minute scrub was announced at the former Google I / O 2021 as an additional option to the existing auto-removal feature. You can choose to have your data deleted automatically every 3, 18, or 36 months via your Google Search app profile page. Or now you can choose 15 minutes.

iPhone and iPad users who already have access to this feature will see a popup in the Google app for iOS. Tap your profile avatar image to find a button to remove the last 15 minutes from your search history. Switching to the incognito mode or using this feature to delete data is a bit more satisfying. If you know these days that your obsession with internet search worship isn’t what you want to provide to your algorithm, it’s useful for a pinch.

Delete the Last 15 Minutes of Your Google Search History on iOS

Google is also introducing privacy and security checks to users. All in all, it’s a convenient way to check third parties that have allowed access to your Google Account over the years. I recently tried and deleted a service I haven’t come across for close to half a year. You may need to set aside some time to ponder your settings and see if Google is suggesting adjustments, but in the long run, it may take some time to secure your account.

Finally, Google has released a feature that locks my activity page after the additional login page. For example, if you share a device with your child, they will not be able to access the items you previously searched for. Probably because the mother (wat) fell into a really cult rabbit hole and some Google search results shouldn’t be naive.

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