BiP-Messengar: Every Details You Need to Know

What is BiP?

BiP is a communication client with entertaining content, voice, and video calls developed by mobile phone operator Turkcell.

It is a secure app like WhatsApp, easy-to-use, FREE communication and life platform, which offers seamless communication and a good range of utility features like instant translations to 106 languages and exchange rates.

BiP can be found on both Mobile and Web, it allows you to form video and audio calls up to 10 people, share images, videos, and sites.

Recently, WhatsApp’s new privacy terms ask users to agree to let the app’s parent company Facebook and its subsidiaries collect WhatsApp data that includes users’ phone numbers, contacts’ phone numbers, locations and more. After that users who are afraid about their privacy switching to BiP- messenger.

BiP currently holds the top rank in Bangladesh among the top messaging apps in Google Play Store. Therefore, it placed WhatsApp second in Bangladesh. Similarly messenger like IMO, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram Messenger are trailing.

People in the south Asian delta state who uses Smartphones are downloading BiP in great numbers and talking about it on social media.

Millions of users per day have installed BiP, the surge in downloads comes after WhatsApp, which boasts over 2 billion users, introduced controversial changes to its privacy conditions that will allow it to share more data with its parent company Facebook.


Turkcell, a Turkish mobile phone company launched BiP in 2013. People from 192 countries around the world and uses BiP and most of the users were from different countries in Europe. The Turkish government owns 26.2% of the company’s assets. Karamehmet’s company Cukurova Holding owns 13.81%, Russian private company Alpha Group owns 13.22% and the remaining 48.95% shares are in the Turkish capital market.

Let’s see what features are BiP offering..

FREE CALLS (HD) – It doesn’t matter how far you’re, your loved ones and colleagues are a ‘BiP’ away. You can instantly connect via HD voice or video calls with up to 10 people around the globe for FREE!

NO LANGUAGE BARRIER – BiP will translate 106 languages on the go. Simply write your message in your local language and it’ll automatically be translated on your friend’s phone.

CUSTOMIZE AS YOU WISH – Customize BiP supported your preferences by adding or removing features by changing icons.

THEMES TO SUIT YOUR MOOD – Choose among Night, Night Blue, Magenta, Orange, and Dark themes to fit your mood. It can optimize battery usage.

SHARING (HD) – Share the moments exactly how you experience them by sharing videos and photos in HD instant.

GROUP CHAT – Enjoy group chats enabling you to remain connected together with your friends, family, and colleagues. If you would like, set a timer and your group will self-destruct!

FOLLOW ME – Let your loved ones know where you’re by enabling instant and live location sharing with just one click.

DISCOVER – Discover a good range of additional services from entertaining content to weather forecasts supported your location.

BUZZ MESSAGES: These are messages that vibrate when the addressee receives them. Specialty of buzz messages that it vibrate until the addressee reads them.

If the quality of services of mobile operators are not satisfying, then with the BiP Messenger application you will have access to many useful options, in addition to the usual communication functions. BiP supports the usual functions of instant messengers – instant messaging, geolocation, video and audio content, group creation.

You can also have Video call options and Voice message. App Developer saying that the built-in translator will translate the message, both in the form of a letter and orally.

According to Bip’s developer, their dedicated Smart Fax will be able to receive or send a fax message even outside the office.

If you want to remove your text, you can program your message to disappear at a certain time, which will keep your correspondence a secret.


Download link for Android Here

Download link for iOS Here

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