FIFA World Cup Live : Football World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule:

Group Stage

1November 21Senegal vs Netherlands04:00 pmGroup A
2November 21England vs Iran07:00 pmGroup B
3November 20Qatar vs Ecuador10:00 pmGroup A
4November 22USA vs Wales01:00 amGroup B
5November 22Argentina vs Saudi Arabia04:00 pmGroup C
6November 22Denmark vs Tunisia07:00 pmGroup D
7November 22Mexico vs Poland10:00 pmGroup C
8November 23France vs Australia01:00 amGroup D
9November 23Morocco vs Croatia04:00 pmGroup F
10November 23Germany vs Japan07:00 pmGroup E
11November 23Spain vs Costa Rica10:00 pmGroup E
12November 24Belgium vs Canada01:00 amGroup F
13November 24Switzerland vs Cameroon04:00 pmGroup G
14November 24Uruguay vs South Korea07:00 pmGroup H
15November 24Spain vs Costa Rica10:00 pmGroup H
16November 25Brazil vs Serbia01:00 amGroup G
17November 25Wales vs Iran04:00 pmGroup B
18November 25Qatar vs Senegal07:00 pmGroup A
19November 25Netherlands vs Ecuador10:00 pmGroup A
20November 26England vs USA01:00 amGroup B
21November 26Tunisia vs Australia04:00 pmGroup D
22November 26Poland vs Saudi Arabia07:00 pmGroup C
23November 26France vs Denmark10:00 pmGroup D
24November 27Argentina vs Mexico01:00 amGroup C
25November 27Japan vs Costa Rica04:00 pmGroup E
26November 27Belgium vs Morocco07:00 pmGroup F
27November 27Croatia vs Canada10:00 pmGroup F
28November 28Spain vs Germany01:00 amGroup E
29November 28Cameroon vs Serbia04:00 pmGroup G
30November 28South Korea vs Ghana07:00 pmGroup H
31November 28Brazil vs Switzerland10:00 pmGroup G
32November 29Portugal vs Uruguay01:00 amGroup H
33November 29Ecuador vs Senegal09:00 pmGroup A
34November 29Netherlands vs Qatar09:00 pmGroup A
35November 30Iran vs USA01:00 amGroup B
36November 30Wales vs England01:00 amGroup B
37November 30Tunisia vs France09:00 pmGroup D
38November 30Australia vs Denmark09:00 pmGroup D
39December 1Poland vs Argentina01:00 amGroup C
40December 1Saudi Arabia vs Mexico01:00 amGroup C
41December 1Croatia vs Belgium09:00 pmGroup F
42December 1Canada vs Morocco09:00 pmGroup F
43December 2Japan vs Spain01:00 amGroup E
44December 2Costa Rica vs Germany01:00 amGroup E
45December 2South Korea vs Portugal09:00 pmGroup H
46December 2Ghana vs Uruguay09:00 pmGroup H
47December 3Serbia vs Switzerland01:00 amGroup G
48December 3Cameroon vs Brazil01:00 amGroup G
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