IMDb Top 250 – Top Rated Movies (16-20)

16. The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix (1999)- IMDb Top 250

By day Neo is an average computer programmer but by night he is a hacker known as Neo who believes that Morpheus is the most dangerous man alive. Neo thinks only he can answer the question — What is the Matrix? He is then acquainted with Trinity who helps him enter into an underworld where he meets Morpheus. Then they fight a brutal battle for their lives. It is one of the best movies ever created and more than deserved to be on the IMDb Top 250.

Director: The Wachowskis

Producer: Joel Silver

Writer: The Wachowskis

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, Joe Pantoliano, Jada Pinkett Smith, Gloria Foster

17. Goodfellas (1990)

Goodfellas (1990)

A young man grows up in a tough neighborhood. He works very hard for the mob to advance himself through the ranks. Then he gets rich like he always wanted. He enjoys his power, money, and the luxurious life he earned. But he does not think of the horror that he causes. Then he becomes addicted to drugs and makes mistakes that ultimately unravel his triumph.

Director: Martin Scorsese

Producer: Irwin Winkler

Writer: Nicholas Pileggi, Martin Scorsese

Starring: Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, Lorraine Bracco, Paul Sorvino

 18. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

Randle Patrick McMurphy is a mentally ill man who is transferred from a prison farm to a mental institution for a mental evaluation. He thinks that a mental institution will be less restrictive than a prison farm. But little did he know, a nurse runs the ward very strictly. Moreover, She abuses patients, she operates electroconvulsive therapy sessions. Then Rebellious McMurphy and the nurse start fighting battles that affect the patients.

Director: Miloš Forman

Producer: Saul Zaentz, Michael Douglas

Writer: Lawrence Hauben, Bo Goldman, Ken Kesey

Starring: Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher, Will Sampson, William Redfield

19. Seven Samurai (1954)

Seven Samurai (1954)

A samurai accepts a village’s request for protection because he is having a hard time. He protects the town that needs protection mostly from bandits. So the samurai recruits six other samurai to teach the village people how to defend themselves. In return, the villagers provide the soldiers with food.

Director: Akira Kurosawa

Producer: Sōjirō Motoki

Writer: Akira Kurosawa, Shinobu Hashimoto, Hideo Oguni

Starring: Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Keiko Tsushima, Isao Kimura, Daisuke Katō, Seiji Miyaguchi, Yoshio Inaba, Minoru Chiaki, Kamatari Fujiwara, Kokuten Kōdō, Yoshio Tsuchiya, Eijirō Tōno, Jun Tatara, Atsushi Watanabe, Yoshio Kosugi, Bokuzen Hidari, Yukiko Shimazaki

20. Se7en (1995)

Se7en (1995)

An almost Retired police Detective William Somerset takes a final case with the aid of David Mills. First, they find a number of mysterious murders. Then they realize the culprit they are looking for is a serial killer who is targeting people he thinks are representing one of the seven sins. This movie from the IMDb Top 250 list is full of twists.

Director: David Fincher

Producer: Arnold Kopelson, Phyllis Carlyle

Writer: Andrew Kevin Walker

Starring: Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow, John C. McGinley

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