Best Movies of 2021 (So Far)

The movie is back! It’s not that they didn’t really go anywhere; if one thing helped people break the lock last year, it would be the various Hollywood, independent and international versions available at home through streaming platforms.

Speaking of movies, count twice in 2021, right? In the first six months of this year, the world reopened, including movie theaters. All kinds of movies can be streamed, rented, and even watched on the big screen.

The most profitable franchise is now adding movies, studios like Warner Bros. are experimenting with redesigned theater windows, and many genres are already showing blockbusters. Get more hospitality than ever, and it’s easier to see than ever.

Now is the best time for a movie revival, because June brings many blockbusters that have been shelved since 2020, from “The Conjuring: The Devil Let Me Do This” and “The Hitman’s Bodyguard’s Wife” to “F9.” The box office should finally come alive.

Whether it’s a fancy comedy, a revenge drama, or Mads Mikkelsen’s Riders of Justice, the great animated adventure The Mitchells vs. the Machines and the scattered independent thriller “The Murder of Two Lovers” are a diverse group that can be played in theaters or on OTT. If you like to go back to the multiplexing or watch content on the comfort of your couch, there are many things to see. Bear in mind to watch these best movies of 2021 (so far).

Best Movies of 2021

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

In four arduous four hours and two minutes, the so-called “Snyder edit” effectively reproduced the version that Justice League director Zach Snyder wanted. Before leaving the 2017 project, expanding, dissolving, and getting lost in the story. Sometimes you are sure that he will start from the last scene, but find that it is more than two hours away, but if you lose all those dramatic demeanors and distracting narratives, you will lose what he did.

This movie is very special. Its dazzling swelling is the essence of this movie-you can understand why executives who pay attention to length want to cut production time in half and capture the story with stupid jokes and fewer storylines. But Snyder’s condescending is not cynical: he believes that superheroes are directly related to our ancient religious myths and symbols, and he wants all of us to believe it. Gravitational stones, but boys are hard to respect. Snyder Cut has its problems: when you make the most of Snyder, you will get the worst results, but this is undoubtedly a passionate and touching job. Review Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Streaming on HBO Max.

Best Movies of 2021
Army of the Dead

After Zack Snyder’s weird and strangely satisfying director’s cut version of “Justice League”, it’s nice to see it shrink a bit and return to the zombie genre. The army of the dead is cleverly built. This is a predatory movie set in Las Vegas, similar to the Ocean Eleven, it also invented the exciting new myth of the walking dead.

The cast is incredible, including comedian Tig Notaro (Tig Notaro), who was implanted in the film with little effort after shooting to replace the troubled actors. The stage work is very interesting. We have never eaten popcorn this year.

Streaming on Netflix

Best Movies of 2021

Hutch is Nobody. As a neglected and underestimated father and husband, he took away all the humiliation in life and never faltered. But when her daughter lost her beloved kitten bracelet in a robbery, Hutch reached a boiling point that no one knew. What happens when the weak heart finally pulls away? From an ordinary father to a fearless warrior, Hutch leads his enemies on a maddening and explosive journey of revenge.

The screenwriter “John Wick” portrays Emmy Award winner Bob Odencock (Better Call Saul) as a fan I have never seen before-an an ordinary family man, unlike any ordinary action hero, he Become a deadly voluntary police officer.

Godzilla vs. Kong

The fourth part of the MonsterVerse series, from the title, unfolds the mother of all the beats between the monitor lizard and the mammoth, which is exactly what everyone needs after a year without a movie.

Streaming on HBO MAX

Best Movies of 2021
Raya and the Last Dragon

The Stripe and the Last Dragon of Walt Disney Animation Studios enter the fantasy world of Kumandra, where humans and dragons live in harmony for a long time. But when evil forces threatened the earth, the dragon sacrificed itself in order to save mankind. 500 years later, the same evil is coming back. The lone warrior of heaven must hunt down the last dragon in the legend to rebuild the ruined earth and divided people.

However, throughout the journey, you will know that you will. Saving the world requires more than just one dragon; it also requires trust and teamwork. Paradise and the Last Dragon portrays Kelly Marie Tran as Paradise, a warrior with a sword-like mind, and Aquafina as the magical, mythical and self-deprecating dragon named Sisu. The characters also include a 10-year-old businessman named Bone, the terrible Giant Tong, as well as the thief Noah and his gang of Augis.

Available to purchase on Disney+, Amazon, YouTube, and Google Play.


Once again vividly depicts the 101st Dalmatian villain. After the prequel route, Emma Stone plays the young Deville, an aspiring fashion designer, and arrogant fashionista in the London punk era, Emma Thompson fights.

The Mitchells vs the Machines

When an unfamiliar and dysfunctional family finds themselves in the doomsday of robots and suddenly becomes the most incredible last hope of mankind, their journey has undergone an earth-shaking change.

I Care a Lot

J Blackson’s cynical view of the government-appointed guardians using their accusations is an interesting and trivial movie. Rosamund Pike has sharp blonde hair and a dagger-like vaporizer. In my opinion, she has discovered her second important message: the role of Gone Girl (The other is in a little-known private war.).

Like the cruel liar Mara Grayson, she focuses on lasers and uses her size to produce powerful effects. Bryson can afford some movie clichés, but Parker always makes this movie cool. It’s great to see Diane West gradually reveal the rougher side of her seemingly unhappy nature. Fast and intense, I care a lot about a welcome surprise and effective conversation about ongoing real-life crime.

Streaming on Netflix

In the Heights

A happy explosion of lively city views and catchy songs. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s adaptation of John Chu’s musical, which won the Tony Award, is an updated version of the stage play. Although this movie tends to be tacky.

Convincingly performed by many talented and promising actors including Anthony Ramos, Leslie Grace, Melissa Barrera, and Corey Hawkins, the high ground can be welcoming caution For the perfect endurance boost, or, yes, they just need to succumb to last year’s momentum and just watch it at home.

In theaters and HBO Max on June 11.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

Contemplative young people, what if Ian Samuels’ sweet and moving youth films had a new fashion image: the cyclical time-cycle plots recently shown in Palm Springs, Happy Death Day, and Russian. The doll, with the grace and restraint of disarming. …Alan and Catherine Newton (you should have seen them in last year’s wonderful body swap horror-comedy “Freaks”) enjoy a melee victory as their two lonely locals repeat the same day together. In Lev Grossman’s script, based on his own story, the children speak funny but believable, and Samuels’ gentle guidance allows them to experience real shocking moments as they grow up.

Streaming on Amazon Prime

The Truffle Hunters

A group of happy elderly people from northern Italy took their happier dogs into the forest in search of valuable truffles. This is almost the gist of a simple but fascinating documentary by Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw, exploring microeconomic aspects, from strolling in the countryside to bustling exquisite dining tables, but the sighs and whispers in the film have other more indescribable meanings.

Regarding the constant conflict between the local and the global, the past tradition and the present scope. There is nothing more common than aging and loneliness, and the creatures we depend on, whether humans or dogs, slip off our path because of the great darkness.

Quo Vadis, Aida?

Jasmila Zbanic’s devastating but gentle film about the 1995 Srebrenica massacre was staged with terrifying spontaneity. The Serbian army killed more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys. She cooperated with the United Nations to fight for the safety of her husband and children.

As the Serbian army approached a temporary refugee camp set up by understaffed Dutchbat soldiers. In the name of the United Nations, every moment of indecision and panic is deeply disturbing.

The heroine Jasna Djuricic desperately embodies this despair, and her professionalism gradually gives way to superiors. Quo Vadis, Aida? This is a violent and destructive abuse of the catastrophic and inhuman impact of rigid passive immorality and political neutrality on the desperate existence of life.

The White Tiger

Ramin Bahrani’s film is adapted from the award-winning novel by Aravind Adige and tells the story of a young warrior, Adarsh ​​Guraw, who was in the mid-millennium. The story of India traveling around the world. In the subcontinent, Bai Hu is an energetic romantic, he is always aware of his main themes that are the most difficult to dramatize.

In this sense, it is old-fashioned, although Bahrani successfully uses many dialects of modern cinema. Cleverly controlling Balram’s development, his moral framework changed as he began to enter the world of wealth and opportunities that his caste would not normally obtain. “White Tiger” is a thriller, a black comedy, a tragedy.

Streaming on Netflix

Best Movies of 2021
Judas and the Black Messiah

FBI informant William O’Neill sneaked into the Black Panthers of Illinois to try to monitor its charismatic leader, President Fred Hampton. As a professional thief, O’Neal faces the challenges of his teammates and superior agent Roy. Mitchell, Hampton’s political prowess as he fell in love with fellow revolutionary Deborah Johnson while fighting for O’Neal’s salary, whether it was joining the power of kindness or conquering Hampton and the Panthers as a film director, His political strength continues to increase. FBI? J. Edgar Hoover ruled?

The Dig

In The Dig, archaeology is a tool to bring the past to life. This is a real-life drama about the famous Sutton Hoo excavation in 1939. According to Sutton Hoo’s owner Edith Pretty (Kerry Mulligan) “The Dig”. The local excavator Basil Brown (Ralph Fiennes) is looking for buried in the hills of his manor.

Written by Moira Buffini (adapted from John Preston’s book of the same name), director Simon Stone flexibly portrays what we survived yesterday through today’s investigation story.

As his film expanded the imminent threat of World War II and its impact on Edith Rory’s cousin (Johnny Flynn) and investigator (Ben Chaplin)’s wife (Lily James) The impact of the environment, also becomes important to live, and how important it is to seize and cherish every possible moment of happiness and love.

The visual effects (usually attributed to the day of heaven) enhance the elegant storytelling and the outstanding performance of all participants, one of his most unremarkable and calm performances led by Fiennes to date.

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