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Moon Fragment Orbits The Sun Alongside Earth Only a Few Miles Away, According to Astronomers

According to new evidence, a celestial object tracking Earth's orbit approximately 9 miles distant from the planet is a Moon fragment. According to astronomers,...

The Picture of X-Shaped Red Rectangle Nebula Taken by NASA: It’s spectacular!

NASA has released a photo of a nebula obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope that appears to be a deep space tunnel. The nebula...

The Century’s Longest Lunar Eclipse Will Happen on November 19

Earth will pass between the Sun and the Moon in two weeks, on November 19 (Kartik Purnima), casting a shadow on the Moon's surface....

Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid’s Feasible Origin May Have been Found by Scientists

The asteroid that cleaned out dinosaur species 66 million years ago hit the Earth close to Mexico. This asteroid's name is Chicxulub. The huge...

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